Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandalas, created by Ven. Losang Samten

Kalachakra Sand Mandala, An Offering of Peace to the City of Philadelphia by Venerable Losang Samten, Dismantling Ceremony, Nove from Chenrezig TBC Philadelphia on Vimeo.


We are privileged to be able to share some of the remarkable work of our teacher, Ven. Losang Samten, and a few of the many beautiful sand mandalas that he has been commissioned to create across the United States as well as here in Philadelphia.  First, a little background.


About Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandalas in General

The sand mandala is an ancient art form exclusive to Tibetan Buddhism.  There are approximately 45 established forms in all, each created according to an established design, and each reflecting many levels of understanding.  Each also represents a perfect universe, home of a deity who is endowed with the ultimate of such virtues as compassion, wisdom and joy.  A mandala is used by a practitioner in meditation to unite with these perfections of a deity and thereby attain progress on the path to enlightenment.    

The Pages

Below are links on our website to the time-lapse photography of photographer and digital artist Thomas Bugaj, who chronicled two of Ven. Losang's most recent sand mandalas - from start, to dismantling - created here in Philadelphia last year.  Please click on the link to see each one.