Tantra in everyday life

10:00am - 1:00pm

The Theravada Buddhist tradition deals with anger and desire through practices that teach methods to remove these afflictive emotions and associated thoughts.  In the Mahayana Buddhism, negative emotions and thoughts are confronted by applying 'antidotes'  and acting in ways that counteract negative impulses.  The emphasis in Vajrayana Buddhism is on dealing with thoughts and emotions as they come up in life, without suppression, but also without ego-clinging or craving.  All thoughts and actions, positive and negative, can be channeled into spiritual growth. They are all equal, from the “lowliest” physical functions to the “highest” spiritual yearning. Tantric practice transforms the five poisons into wisdoms. In this 3 class series we will explore how human activity, freed from suppression and desire, can be a path to greater happiness and enlightenment. This course will be followed by additional teachings on Tantra later in the year.

This series is open to all. Attendance at all 3 classes is strongly suggested as each week will build on the prior week's teaching.

When: Saturday July 15, 22, 29, 2017 from 10am to 1pm.

Where: TBC, 954 North Marshall Street in Philadelphia.

We are requesting that those who plan on attending pre-register for this series by emailing Floyd Platten, at floyd.pema@gmail.com

The donation for this series is $125 ($100 members).

Cushions and Chairs:  We have a limited number of floor cushions and you are welcome to bring your own.  If you prefer not to sit on a cushion, chairs are available as well. For special needs or questions, feel free to email ahead of time.