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Chenrezig Buddha of Compassion
This booklet contains the visualization and the mantra for the practice of Chenrezig: to cultivate loving-kindness and compassion.
This booklet includes a short Manjushri practice to increase wisdom.
Vajrasattva A Purification Meditation
The practice for the deity Vajrasattva is one of the most important practices for cleansing negative karma in Tibetan Buddhism. This booklet contains the Vajrasattva visualization, the one-hundred syllable mantra and its translation, as well as an explanation of the purification of our own negative karma through the four powers.
Dorje Namjum
The practice of Dorje Namjum is a practice for the purification of ourselves, others, and the environment. This booklet explains the ritual for purification, and provides the mantra of Dorje Namjum and the meaning of the mantra.
Panden Lhamo Practice
Panden Lhamo is one of the most important female protector deities in Tibetan Buddhism. This booklet explains the practice of Panden Lhamo for receiving protection, healing, and removing obstacles.
Panden Lhamo Tea Ceremony
This is one of the most common practices in Tibet and is performed primarily for wishing and requesting. This booklet outlines the practice of tea ceremony, including the homage to Panden Lhamo, her mantra, and dedication.
Panden Lhamo – short version
This booklet contains an abbreviated form of the Panden Lhamo practice for protection, healing, and removing obstacles. It contains the homage, mantra and dedication.
Dedication – Homage to Chenrezig
Even though each practice booklet provides its own dedication, this document provides a special dedication that includes an homage to Chenrezig, as well as prayers from St. Francis of Assisi and Shantideva. This is a meaningful and profound dedication that you can use after meditating or following any significant event. These prayers are especially dedicated to loved ones in the death and dying process and to world peace.
Eight Verses for Training the Mind
Eight Verses for Training the Mind, by Kadampa Geshe Langri Tangpa (1054 - 1123)
The Eight Profound Essences
The Eight Profound Essences - An abridged Sadhana for the Tara Mandala from The Expanse of the Space Treasury of Dharmata.