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Je Tsongkapa Guru Yoga
Guru yoga and guru devotion are one of the central practices in the Vajrayana (Tantric) tradition. In Tibetan Buddhism there are four lineages, Nyigma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug, and in the Gelug tradition one of the most important practices is Je Tsongkapa's Guru Yoga, Ganden Laghyama, as well as Lam Rim and Yonten Zhirgyurma. This Guru Yoga contains all the principle teachings of the Buddha.
Je Tsongkapa – The Principle Teachings of Buddhism
This booklet provides an introduction to the three essential practices in the Buddha dharma: Renunciation, Bodhicitta and Sunyata.
Guru Padmasambhava Guru Yoga
Guru Padmasambhava's guru yoga is one of the essential practices in the Nyigma tradition in Tibetan Buddhism. This booklet contains the Guru Yoga of Guru Padmasambhava, including the four common preliminary practices that are done to prepare for higher level (tantric) practices. This is a profound guru yoga, offering great blessings in the Nyingma tradition.
This booklet contains an homage to Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, as well as his mantra, and the heart sutra. This is one of the most common practices among Buddhists around the world.
Amitabha Powa Practice
This booklet contains a prayer requesting to be reborn in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha.
Medicine Buddha Mantra, Mandala, Commentary and related Prayers.
Medicine Buddha mantra and mandala; commentary by Losang Rinpoche on the Five Dhyana Buddhas (Buddha families), antidotes to the five negative emotions; "Lord, Make Us Servants of Your Peace" (based on a prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, excerpt), and Shantideva's Bodhisattva Vow (excerpt).
Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha is one of the most important healing practices in the Buddhist tradition. This booklet describes the visualization of Medicine Buddha and contains his mantra, with an explanation of the meaning. It outlines the practice for healing oneself and others.
Tara – 2 practices
Green Tara is one of the central practices in Mahayana Buddhism in Tibet. This practice helps clear obstacles, provide healing, remove fear, and ultimately remove the three poisons: ignorance, greed, and anger. This booklet includes two practices. The first includes a Tara visualization, the meaning of her mantra, and the dedication. The second is a short version of the homage to 21 Taras, called The Eight Profound Essences, and uses the same motivation and visualization as the first practice.
Tara – 1 practice
This booklet contains only the first of the two practices mentioned above. This booklet includes a Tara visualization, the meaning of her mantra, and the dedication.
Tara – short practice
This booklet contains a short Tara practice, including the homage to Tara, her mantra, and dedication.