Kalachakra Sand Mandala, Philadelphia Oct. 26 - Nov. 22, 2009


The Kalachakra Mandala, World Peace Through Inner Peace:

 An Offering to the City of Philadelphia

from Venerable Losang Samten

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our Kalachakra Philadelphia 2009 website pages, chronicling and considering the mandala, and its meaning.  On these virtual pages you can view recorded portions of our webcast of its creation and the dismantling ceremony, our amazing time lapse photojournal of the mandala distilled into 7:06 seconds, our letter from Losang and considerations of the Kalachakra mandala, and of course, elsewhere on our website, beautiful photo galleries of the mandala, and of the wonderful events we sponsored over those four very full weeks.

The colorful and intricate sand mandala, by Ven. Losang a recognized international master of this art form, served as the theme for a remarkable series of local arts and cultural events that also took place at the Gershman "Y" including performances by local and international dancers, musicians, filmmakers and scholars, including: Group Motion Dance Company, University of the Arts, Tibetan Buddhist Monks, and many others.  To go to any of the pages we have created for this event, you need only look at the main menu right now, and you should see each of the sub-menu items there ready for the clicking right from the menu.  Our calendar of events is below.

Co-presented by 

Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia, 

The Gershman Y, and 

University of the Arts!


The Mandala:   

Where: Open Lens Gallery at The Gershman  Y on Broad & Pine Streets

WhenStarting Monday, October 26 through Sunday Nov. 22, Samten will begin the process of creating the most sacred and complex of all Tibetan Buddhist sand mandalas, the Kalachakra mandala.  It is anticipated to take approximately 4 weeks to complete!  All are invited to come watch this magical process, Mondays through Fridays, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  Then on Sunday, Nov. 22, all are invited to join in the dramatic closing & dismantling ceremonies, where, following a procession from the Gershman Y to the Schuylkill River, the sand will be poured into the river, to represent the impermanence of all things, a fundamental Buddhist tenet!


The Events: The following is a summary of the many exciting events, fun for the whole family!  The complete Calendar of Events with all public information is attached.  All events will take place at the Gershman Y unless otherwise stated!




Monday, October 26 

Opening Blessings and Prayers | Preparation for Commencement of Mandala 

Please note that after today, Ven. Losang will work from Tuesday–Sunday, from 9AM to 6PM. All are invited to come daily to view the creation of the mandala. The work is a meditation. However, during breaks Ven. Losang enjoys and encourages questions and dialogue, and is a wonderful storyteller. 

Open Lens Gallery, 9:30AM | FREE 

Tuesday, October 27 

Tibetan Ritual Dance Workshop 

Come meditate through movement with Master of Dance Venerable Losang Samten and Founder/ 

Choreographer Manfred Fischbeck of GROUP MOTION DANCE COMPANY as modern and ancient schools come together. Gymnasium, 7pm | Admission: $10.00 | $7.00 for 60 years and over | students FREE 

Monday, November 2 

His Holiness, the Himalayas, and Hollywood 

A special evening with Shewo Lobsang Dhargyal, biographer and senior cabinet member to His 

Holiness the Dalai Lama, imprisoned for 20 years for his devotion to HHDL. Afterward, there will 

be a showing of the documentary of Martin Scorcese’s THE MAKING OF KUNDUN, with commentary by Venerable Losang Samten, who served as Mr. Scorcese’s religious technical advisor and sand mandala 

supervisor, and was an actor in the film. 

Chapel, 7:30pm | Admission: $15.00 | $10.00 for 60 years and over | $5.00 students 

Friday, November 13 

Kalachakra Meditation 

Venerable Losang will lead a guided meditation to bring about bliss and inner peace through purifying the body, speech and mind. You need not have any experience with Buddhist practice to attend.  

Chapel, 7:30PM | FREE 

Sunday, November 15 

The Ritual and Secular Arts of Tibet  

Experience the rich musical tradition from the Land of Snows with musicians from Tibet. The evening 

will open and close with ritual chants by Tibetan Buddhist monks. 

Auditorium, 7PM | Admission: $15.00 | $10.00 for 60 years and over | $5.00 students 

Wednesday, November 18 

Performance in Two Parts 

Tibetan Buddhist practice is founded on the cultivation of the two wings of the bird, compassion and 

wisdom. This evening features a special performance of Lung-Ta (The Windhorse), music created by 

composer ANDREA CLEARFIELD with dance by GROUP MOTION DANCE COMPANY, Manfred Fischbeck, artistic director.  The performance will also feature a new work by students at The University of the Arts inspired by Kalachakra.  

Auditorium, 7:30PM | Admission: $20.00 | $15.00 for 60 years and over | $5.00 students 

Part 1 

Original collaborative work by students from The University of the Arts School of Dance and School of Music inspired by the Kalachakra Mandala, with original compositions by Sam Dent, Ian Munro, Sean Paulsen and Andy Bree. 

Part 2 

Lung-Ta (The Windhorse): Group Motion Dance Company with Manfred Fischbeck & Andrea Clearfield 

Sunday, November 22 

Closing Blessings and Prayers for the Dismantling of the Mandala  

with the offering of sand to Mother Earth 

Everyone is invited to help brush the sacred sand into the center of the mandala, which is a profound 

affirmation of the impermanence of all things.  Each person is invited to take a small amount of the 

sand and the remainder is ritually poured into a nearby body of water as a great blessing. 

Open Lens Gallery, 12 noon | FREE 

The CHENREZIG TIBETAN BUDDHIST CENTER will be having its regular Sunday practice and guided meditation at The Gershman Y on Sundays in November from 10 to 11:30AM. We welcome all who may be interested to join us for these contemplative gatherings. 

We firmly believe  

 in its power to reduce conflict  

 and we believe it is capable of  

 creating peace, peace of spirit  

 and therefore peace in the world.” 

–The Dalai Lama, 2007