Introduction to Meditation

10:00am - 1:00pm

It is possible to learn about Buddhist principles and practices by reading books and attending classes, but that is only theoretical information unless we can find a way to make them realities in our life. This is difficult because we have reinforced negative habits for many years in our daily interactions. Change occurs when we start to see how our thoughts and feelings cause us to think, say and do things that bring unhappiness to our self and others. We gain this insight through the practice of Meditation. It is not easy, but it is essential, and the rewards are extraordinary. Lama Losang will discuss the various types of meditation used in Buddhist practice.

Please join us for this workshop!

When: Saturday July 1, 2017 from 10am to 1pm,

Where: TBC, 954 North Marshall Street in Philadelphia.

We are requesting that those who plan on attending pre-register for this event by emailing Floyd Platten, at

The suggested donation for this event is $40 for attendees ($30 members).

Cushions and Chairs:  We have a limited number of floor cushions and you are welcome to bring your own.  If you prefer not to sit on a cushion, chairs are available as well. For special needs or questions, feel free to email ahead of time.